Attorneys: NEVER Run a Marketing or Lead Gen Campaign EVER Again.

Get 12-15+ live consults with pre-qualified prospects ready to close every 30 days.

Attorneys: NEVER Run a Marketing or Lead Gen Campaign EVER Again.

Get 12-15+ live consults with pre-qualified prospects ready to close every 30 days.

Have you rolled the dice on everything from Facebook Ads and Google AdWords to SEO and content marketing but never seem to hit the client jackpot?

Client generation shouldn’t feel like gambling.

And lead gen agencies should do more than send you a name, email and phone number.

We drive real results and value for law firms by transferring live calls with pre-qualified, highly interested prospects who are already warmed up and ready to move seamlessly into your pitch and convert into paying clients.

Why Live Transfers Are the Greatest Thing Since Marketing Automation

(Okay, and That Sliced Bread Idiom)

Consistently generating clients is painfully difficult.

Frustratingly unpredictable.

And the cost? Well, that can make you want to weep into your pillow every night.

Let’s not forget all the effort you put in only to have dud leads and no-shows.

Talk about a punch to the gut.

Although you can streamline your efforts with automation, it still requires systems, manpower, and lots and lots of time and money.

Here’s what your typical lead generation process looks like…

What Lead Gen Agencies and the above illustration don't tell you is...

  • 80% of leads are garbage or unreachable
  • Only 20% ever set consult appointments
  • 50% of the consult appointments never show up
  • Agencies charge a monthly retainer (even for poor quality leads)
  • Agencies or platforms charge ad spend (even if the ads underperform)

That’s a huge gamble every month and a ton of work—work that sometimes requires a dedicated team.

With our Law Firm Growth Machine, you go from that to this…

Yep, we provide a fast, effective, and reliable route to client acquisition WITHOUT the frustration.

And live transfers?

Well, the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Convert 10X higher than clicks.
  • 100% Contact rate (no paper leads, emails, text or phone tag).
  • 100% Show rate (We literally deliver each one via phone hand off).
  • No wasted marketing budget (You have ZERO ad spend).
  • Connect with prospects at the moment of interest.
  • Prospects are pre-qualified.
  • Predictably grow your practice.

Nothing drives the volume of calls to your practice as cost effectively as live transfers. Plus, you can capitalize on leads while they’re HOT, increase profitability, and optimize efficiency all at the same time!

You Get Qualified Client Consults On the Phone Consistently & Predictably. GUARANTEED.

That means you no longer need to delegate calls or distract your team with leads that don't respond.

We’ll manage EVERYTHING for FREE. (Say goodbye to expensive monthly retainers!)

No more marketing hassles, chasing down leads or wasting time with bad leads—we do it all for you!

Only pay for actual client consults that are live transferred to you.

∙ Lead Exclusivity ∙ No Contracts ∙ Fixed Prices Per Consult ∙ Thorough Vetting

3 Reasons You Should Book A Call Today

1. Our #1 metric is client results. We guarantee Pre-Qualified Verified Live Transfer Consults!

2. This is not a “sales call.” Let’s talk to see if our Law Firm Growth Machine is a good fit.

3. The first step to getting something different is DOING something different... this is that "something" :)

We keep your practice’s client pipeline full.

We don’t send you lame leads that aren’t qualified, cancel, or never show up!



Let us help you make your phone ring off the hook and keep revenue pumping.

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