"Create a Trackable Marketing ROI Engine that helps build sustainable and predictable long term growth"

~ David C Johnson

Get Qualified Hearing Aid Patients on Demand. GUARANTEED!

If you’re sick of unqualified leads and no-shows…

IMPORTANT: Only Available to One Hearing Aid Clinic Per Market Area

Consistently generating patient leads is painfully difficult.

Frustratingly unpredictable.

And the cost? Well, that can make you want to weep into your pillow every night.

Let’s not forget all the effort you put in only to have a dud lead or no-show.

Talk about a punch to the gut.

But what if you had a fast, effective, and reliable route to patient acquisition WITHOUT the frustration?

I’m talking qualified hearing aid leads through your practice doors—consistently and predictably.


The 1st A.I. Platform for Hearing Aid Clinics that Contacts, Nurtures, and Schedules Patients Who Actually Show

20 patients in the door in your first 60 days...GUARANTEED

We use Artificial Intelligence to nurture the leads we generate.

Our A.I. answers questions, book appointments, and confirms appointments.

For leads that might not show, we’ll reconnect with them and reschedule.

That means you no longer need to delegate these calls or distract your team with leads that don't respond.

We’ll Manage Your Ads For FREE (Say goodbye to expensive monthly retainers!)

No more chasing down leads or wasting time with bad leads—we do it all for you!

Only pay when a patient shows up for a hearing test.

Over time, our A.I. gets better, smarter, and faster. The more it learns and knows about your local market and the patients you serve, the more your overall performance increases.

Is your practice already behind the curve?

58% of all organizations foresee modifications to their business models due to AI within five years.

-MIT Sloan Management Review

The number of enterprises using AI in business grew by 270% between 2015 and 2019.


63% of businesses say pressure to reduce costs will require them to use AI


How much does it cost?

We work on a performance based model.

That means there’s no recurring fees to retain our services and you only pay us when a lead shows up to their appointment.

There is a small set-up fee to cover the costs we incur in getting your campaign running and the A.I. customized to get patients through your door.

The good news is that this is a ONE-TIME investment. Everything else you invest goes directly into advertising spend that generates new customers and exposure for your business.

We understand the fear of being burned by lead gen “experts,” which is why we offer a guarantee.

One more thing: Our A.I. also learns to find ideal patients for your practice as we feed it with patient performance markers and other data. This eliminates the “hit-or-miss” aspect of marketing.

3 Reasons You Should Book A Call Today

1. Our #1 metric is client results. If patients don't show, you don't pay!

2. This is not a “sales call.” Let’s talk to see if our butts-in-seats program is a good fit.

3. The first step to getting something different is DOING something different... this is that "something" :)

With our tools, strategies, and data, we bring patients through the door.

We don’t send you lame leads that never show up!



We Build Business Intelligence Platforms and Marketing Strategies that Put Butts in the Seats.

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I create a trackable Marketing ROI Engine that helps build sustainable and predictable long term growth.

As a business owner, it's always important to know the numbers and statistics in your company. To know your ideal customer, your best programs, what’s working and what’s not working. We help businesses find those answers.

Many agencies offer a “solution” but can never back their claims with real data to prove what they’re doing actually works and brings in the dollars…

... till now!

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