"Create a Trackable Marketing ROI Engine that helps build sustainable and predictable long term growth" ~ David C Johnson

Direct Response Customer Acquisition Marketing.

We help restaurants put butts in the seats and generate customers on demand with trackable results.

Increase Restaurant Sales and Acquire

Customers Using These 3 Tactics




With our tools and strategies ...we use the data to bring your customers

back 1-3 more times per month! 💡 👈🏻


We Build Business Intelligence Platforms and Marketing Strategies Specifically for Restaurants.

3 Ways to Increase Sales

Every business needs a steady flow of new customers. The also need to keep their current customers and have both new and current come in more often to become repeat customers. If you could bring your current customer base in one more time per month or per quarter, what would that look like to your business? We also need to focus on increasing the average check with up sells.

The ROI Engine Marketing Strategy

With traditional marketing you use your ad dollars to drive sales. Essentially you rent audiences. When you rent an audience to drive sales then every time you need sales you need to keep renting that audience. The ROI strategy uses your ad dollars to build a database you own then use that database to drive sales on demand.

How Do We Do This

We use tools and multiple points of contact to attract the right customers to your database. Then we use specific techniques to acquire the right kind of customer data to send the right offer at the right time to motivate action. We use triggers and automation to build the customer relationship, keep track of visits and retarget who has not been in to your restaurant for the first or repeat visits to drive sales.

The Acquisition Engine Customer Journey

Marketing is about attracting attention, keeping that attention and stoping people in their patterns. Acquiring information and drive a visit to your restaurant. What good is a database if you don't know who and when someone has been in or how much they spend! Build relationship to drive additional visits based on your customers actual life and life events

Tactics to Attract Customers and Aquire Data

Creating an irresistible offer that encourages engagement using platforms and technology. That also acquires a messenger opt-in, email opt-in, text opt-in, birthday, marital status and more. This gives us the ability to build new audiences and retarget based on real engagement and data.

Proving the ROI

We built a custom dashboard to prove what we do works. What good is all this work if you cant see what works and what doesn't.

How Will You Use the Customer Data

Knowing your customers allows you to target your messaging to motivate additional visits. When you have the right data you can segment everyone in to categories, communicate with them and send custom promotions or messages based on that data. It also allows you to retarget them on social media, text and email. Having multiple contact points allows your customer to hear your message in the way they will hear, respond and take action.

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I create a trackable Marketing ROI Engine that helps build sustainable and predictable long term growth.

As a business owner, it's always important to know the numbers and statistics in your company. To know your ideal customer, best programs, whats working or not working.

Many agencies offer a "Solution" but can never back their claims with real data to prove what they are doing actually works. Does it bring in dollars?

... till now!

Disrupting the industry and showing business owners a better, more effective way to reach customer's, bring them in the door and spend money. Not only that, we actually show how much they spend live and to the minute, to prove what we do is working for you and your business!

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